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Apartment Snapshot Provides Data Mastery for Multifamily Real Estate

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Apartment Snapshot, a proptech company launched in 2022, redefines how multifamily property managers work through a gamified app to track activities and optimize property performance. They utilize Revolution RE’s Standardization as a Service platform to gain unparalleled access to standardized, actionable data from their clients’ diverse property management systems.


Apartment Snapshot did not need to hire a new developer to setup multiple integrations, or pay significant API costs. The use of Revolution RE’s platform to onboard new customers allowed Apartment Snapshot the ability to focus on their core product offering. The ability to add new customers with ease allowed the emerging startup to add additional functionality to their core offering and focus on bringing in new customers and tracking the efficacy and depth of their product’s KPIs.


Apartment Snapshot spent years developing and refining its insights and was ready to bring their solution to market. In the past, this meant the company would need to integrate with multiple property management systems (PMS) to reach their customers. Once the integrations were completed they would still need to build a data model to standardize the PMS data for use with customers that had properties on multiple systems. As a startup, Apartment Snapshot prioritized getting to market fast, cost to implement, and ease of customer onboarding.


With Revolution RE as a partner, Apartment Snapshot was able to quickly and efficiently onboard clients for their management solution. This efficiency allowed them to focus on adding features to their core product and scale rapidly. Apartment Snapshot’s use of Revolution RE’s Standardization as a Service offering showcases the transformative power

By using Revolution RE, we gain the ability to onboard clients quickly and efficiently and access the standardized data we want across multiple platforms. We prebuild the data extraction so that when the integration happens, we can easily integrate and schedule the data transfer without delay.

– Savannah Wheeler, CEO

of streamlined, standardized data management in the multifamily real estate sector. Their success story illustrates the profound impact of advanced data solutions on a startup’s growth trajectory.

Easy Data Collection

Simplified the process of collecting data from various property management systems, crucial for Apartment Snapshot to service their clients.

Data Standardization

Provided a uniform data structure across different systems, necessary to support onboarding clients with properties on multiple PMSs.

Efficient Data Extraction

Enabled Apartment Snapshot to model and store only essential data points, streamlining their processes and data storage costs.

Rapid Client Onboarding

Greatly reduced the time and effort required to onboard new clients, accelerating Apartment Snapshot’s growth.

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