• Real estate is a fragmented industry with lots of individual operators (24% of all rental properties are owner individuals)
  • Owners and managers have relied heavily on personal relationships with residents
  • Leases have been traditionally 12 months in length, making the product (housing) transactional in nature
  • Technology for real estate companies is legacy in nature with disparate data structures and formats; data is maintained in silos making it hard to view properties and portfolios holistically

Traditionally real estate companies have solved their visibility issues by hiring consultants or internal staff to build out a data strategy that met the needs of their organization. Today, Revolution RE changes all that by offering a rental property specific solution at a fraction of the cost.

Apartment and rental property owners and managers have difficulty aggregating and analyzing data from disparate sources. This data is essential for making sound business decisions, but the process of manually collecting and analyzing it is time-consuming and prone to error.

  • The solution:

Revolution RE’s data aggregation and business intelligence platform connects, collects, and standardizes data from multiple sources before storing it securely in a data warehouse. This allows apartment and rental property owners and managers to view their properties and portfolios holistically, identify issues and opportunities, and make decisions that maximizes NOI and generates value for the asset and portfolio.

Quite simply, properties generate a ton of data that isn’t easy to use. Think of a time when you received two excel documents with a list of properties you tried to merge. You started with a simple cut and paste, but quickly realized that 123 Main Street, Anytown, NY existed in one cell in one document and 123 Main St., Anytown, New York was in three cells in the second document – some clean-up is almost always required. Portfolio level review of properties requires consistency of structure from multiple buildings with data input by different people, often from different property management systems. We standarize the data which allows users to view it in a dashboard and report it to key stakeholders.

This four step process: connect, collect, standardize and store, unlocks the ability to automate reporting, visualize properties and tracking of the most important insights generated across your portfolio. We help you see and share what is working and what needs help at the property and portfolio level – and we make it easy.

We provide the ability to unlock all of your data in a way that is flexible and meets your needs without having to hire expensive people to maintain and customize. Scalable means we offer a solution that grows with you and your company.

  • Connect: We connect to your property management system(s), internal databases and any third party data sources.
  • Collect: We pull data from your various systems to maintain them in one place and give you real time access.
  • Standardize: All your data in one format makes it useable across multiple platforms.
  • Store: We maintain the data in a secure data warehouse.

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