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Notch Mountain’s AI-Driven Real Estate Transformation

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Notch Mountain Properties, led by Principal Daniel Rickert, has a growing portfolio of multifamily assets in Colorado and Texas. Since its inception, the company has demonstrated a keen eye for potential in multifamily assets, achieving an impressive asset management portfolio valued at $98MM across 7 investments.


The implementation of Revolution RE’s platform marked a transformative phase in Notch Mountain’s operational strategy. The ability to access and analyze real-time consolidated data led to improved performance metrics, more efficient asset management, and informed strategic decision-making. Notch Mountain experienced a notable increase in operational efficiency and investment returns as a result of the enhanced data insights provided by Revolution RE.


As Notch Mountain’s portfolio expands, the complexity of managing diverse assets across various locations has increased. The primary challenge faced was to aggregate and interpret reporting from partners and their core management systems. This fragmentation of primary data sources makes it difficult to gain the clear, actionable real-time insights that Notch Mountain demands for portfolio optimization. As well, Notch Mountain requires institutional-quality reporting for its investors, which can be challenging without adding headcount to the company’s core team.


Revolution RE, with its sophisticated business intelligence platform, stepped in to transform Notch Mountain’s data management landscape. Revolution RE’s solution provided a unified view of the entire portfolio by seamlessly aggregating data from multiple property management systems.

Implementing the Revolution BI platform has allowed the Notch Mountain team to centralize our data. This offers us a clear, real-time view of our properties to enhance our decision making and communicate effectively with our investors.

– Daniel Rickert

Using a machine learning model to combine financial reporting from various sources, Notch Mountain has the ability to do comparative analysis both within the existing portfolio as well as with acquisition targets.

Centralize Data Management

Revolution RE’s platform centralizes data from various sources, providing a singular, comprehensive view of each asset and the entire portfolio.

Time and Resource Efficiency

The platform significantly reduced the time and resources required to gather and analyze data, thus increasing operational efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Aggregated data enables informed decision-making, allowing for strategic planning and operational optimization across the portfolio.

Enhance Reporting and Analytics

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, Notch Mountain gains insightful analysis that drives better investment and management decisions, and ultimately property-level returns.

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