Data Extractions and Setups Available

Data Extraction

Some people call them Integrations, we call it Data Extraction because we only pull data from source systems and do not push any data back. Once extracted, we run the data through our transformation layer to create a common and consistent dataset, and load it into the end destination. 


Retrieve data from various source systems


Transform into a common and consistent format and make it useable


Load into destination of choice, for use in BI, applications and AI

Source Systems

We have worked with clients to extract their data from one or more of the following systems.*

*Under the umbrella of Integrations, these Extractions and Setups do not suggest or imply any affiliation, endorsement, or relationship with the property management systems or management companies. Please let us know if you have any interest in learning more about additional Extractions or how we can do a Setup with you or your management company.

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