Proptech Talk with Revolution RE & The Digible Dudes

There’s no doubt data is essential for developing a successful marketing strategy. However, most records are stored in several places, making it impossible to retrieve them all for a comprehensive audit of a portfolio or individual assets. In today’s episode, we look at a one-of-a-kind product: a business intelligence platform designed specifically for apartment complexes and other rental property portfolios, which provides data analytics and insights to help those complexes and portfolios operate at optimal efficiency. Elizabeth Braman, CEO of Revolution RE, is here today for a fascinating chat about their unique platform.

We start the episode with a brief discussion of Elizabeth’s professional background as an investor, executive, and advisor who works in the financial, property, and commercial real estate industries. She is a co-founder of JoyHub, a startup that streamlines the communication process between landlords and tenants. Also, Elizabeth has been on the leadership team from the company’s inception for five distinct companies in the fields of technology and commercial real estate.

Elizabeth’s company, Revolution RE, collects information from any available source and then assists property owners, managers, and other key stakeholders in effectively using that information by standardizing it across their multiple digital interfaces. During the conversation, we talk broadly about the entire procedure of data standardization, its potential impact on the real estate business, risks and challenges, opportunities, and Elizabeth’s future plans with the remarkable work she is doing at the moment.

[00:00] Today’s Guest – Elizabeth shares her background in various positions and industries.

[09:36] Background – Elizabeth discusses the evolution of her career and the nature of her work.

[17:33] Standardizing Data – The first step, the last step, and the procedure that comes in between when standardizing data.

[24:20] Open Source Data – Elizabeth explains when she believes that new open-source data will be available for investors and operators.

[31:35] No.1 Challenge – Use cases, Market Competition, and Potential Risks

[40:32] Why not yet – Why has not someone else tackled this problem?

[44:54] The Future – In what ways will the company’s model evolve shortly and beyond?

[51:46] Set User Expectations– Elizabeth shares how she communicates with business owners and managers and addresses concerns about cost and timeline.

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