The Real Estate Fintech Podcast, Clear Capital

ClearCast is the real estate fintech podcast by Clear Capital, co-hosted by Jeff Allen, EVP of innovation labs, and Kenon Chen, EVP of corporate strategy. Each month, they bring compelling stories and revolutionary ideas from the people, companies, and institutions at the intersection of real estate, finance, and technology.

In the first episode of 2022, Kenon and Jeff talk about new regulations surrounding desktop appraisals, say goodbye to an old friend, and speak with Revolution RE (fomerly JoyHub) CEO & co-founder Elizabeth Braman about Revolution RE’s innovative data solutions for owners and managers of multifamily and rental properties and portfolios.

Jeff Allen
Kenon Chen
Matt Lush
Jancy Ulch
Shelby Ecklund
Elizabeth Braman

Total Views: 125

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