We’ve got some news: our name is changing. But, why?​

JoyHub is rebranding to Revolution RE

I‘m not great at naming things. Evidence — I once had a cat named “New Kitty”. Naming a company is a lot like naming a child or a pet — you’re going to be stuck with it for a long, long time. But in the early days you sometimes spend so much time workshopping a name that you hit that wall of fatigue, decide to pick something so you can move on with executing on your business plan, and end up with a less than ideal monicker.

Spencer Rascoff, the founder of Zillow and many other startups, wrote in his publication dot.la a recent article about naming startups. He said there are four top qualities that a good name should have: Memorable, Spellable, Unique, and Ownable.

When we first started JoyHub, we may have hit a few of the top qualities, but were overall unconvinced about the name. We liked the idea that our company had some whimsy, and thought of JoyHub as a great tenant-facing engagement tool — who doesn’t think of their home as the hub of joy? It was a stretch, but we committed to it.

We’ve made some changes since then — we’re no longer tenant facing, we’re now B2B; and, we’ve realized that we’re building something much more than just a real estate platform. We’re empowering the real estate industry to capture the value of their own data and capitalize on the extraordinary insights that big data can uncover. And with the realization that we are starting a revolution in data, a name change seemed only natural.

We are Revolution RE.

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